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Welcome Story

Mogly's Story


Welcome to Canada / Bienvenue au Canada!

Posted by Lori - August 29, 2007

He’s here!!!

Mogly has safely arrived in Canada. On Thursday August 23rd Mogly arrived at Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Ontario. Mogly’s journey began at the Vissers Family farm in Arendonk Belgium, from where he left to spend three weeks of pre-flight quarantine at European Horse Services in Meetkerke, Belgium. Then it was on to Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, where Mogly boarded the 747 to come to Toronto!

Mogly at Doyle’sNow, Mogly will be spending 30 days or so at Doyle Bloodstock Services, south of Cambridge, where he will complete his quarantine and CEM testing.

I couldn’t wait to greet Mogly and we made the trip down there on August 25th, and then back again on the 29th to clean him up and trim his mane.

Here’s a shot of me and Mogly from the day. I am ever so pleased!


Tie a Yellow Ribbon ….

Posted by Lori - October 14, 2007

Well, it hasn’t quite been three long years (although it was beginning to feel like it) but now the wait is finally over! Mogly has completed his required Canadian government import testing and is officially a free man.

First stop for Mogly is Kervan Farm in Milford, Ontario, where I hear the mares there have tied about a hundred yellow ribbons round that ol’ oak tree! Then it’s on to Bluebird Lane where Mogly and I will begin our partnership.


Mogly arrives at Kervan Farm

Posted by Lori - October 17, 2007

Mogly has arrived at Kervan Farm in Milford, Ontario. Marg called to let me know he got there safely (“You can start breathing normally again Lori”) and to tell me what she thought after meeting him in person (“Wow!”). Mogly will spend some time at Kervan getting to know some of Marg’s mares before he comes here to Bluebird Lane to begin training with me.

Throughout Mogly’s long journey from Belgium to his safe arrival at Kervan, Mogly has been handled by a lot of different people. It has been wonderful to get their feedback, which has been universally positive. In fact, it has been downright fantastic! While a horse – especially a stallion – might find such a long and complicated journey somewhat stressful and confusing, Mogly has been the total gentleman throughout. All the people he has come in contact with enroute have gone out of their way to tell us what a very special horse he is.

The stable manager at the quarantine centre in Belgium said “I wish all the horses that came through here were as nice to handle as Mogly”. And by the end of Mogly’s stay at that facility, the man wanted to take him home instead of shipping him on to us! The staff at Doyle’s gave similarly glowing reports on Mogly’s behaviour both in the stable and through all the medical testing and test breedings. Thank you to everyone who took good care of Mogly on his journey and took time to share their great impressions of him!

Yes indeed, we are finding out Mogly is one beautiful horse — both inside and out.


Passing of Inka

Posted by Lori - October 31, 2007

inka.jpgI’ve just received the sad news that Inka, the mother of Mogly, has died of gastric rupture. She was 16 years old and pregnant with her 12th foal. My source tells me that Inka was widely considered to be one of the best grey mares in all of Germany.

It is so sad to lose a horse at any time, especially a very special mare and one who is in foal at that.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to Inka’s owners.


Mogly in Moorefield

Posted by Lori - November 3, 2007

Mogly arrived here at Bluebird Lane this evening. He traveled well on the five hour journey and is settling in nicely.

Pictures coming soon!


Enjoying Some Pasture Time

Posted by Lori - November 4, 2007

Mogly enjoys some pasture time on his first full day at Bluebird Lane.

10-14-021.jpg 10-15-561.jpg

10-15-021.jpg 10-16-361.jpg


First Ride

Posted by Lori - November 5, 2007

Today I had my first ride with Mogly. What a great feeling I had. This guy is a power package!


Our First Week Wraps Up

Posted by Lori - November 10, 2007

Well, Mogly has been here at Bluebird Lane for one full week now. How time flies! I am having a blast with him. Mogly has been worked five days out of the last seven. He loves it – he comes up to the gate when he sees me coming with his halter. That’s always a nice feeling.

14-17-04.jpgI have to say also, Mogly is THE nicest horse I have had the pleasure to work with in the barn.

Stefan snapped these pictures of us schooling today.



Three for Three!

Posted by Lori - November 21, 2007

The vet was just out at Kervan Farm, and confirmed that all three of the mares that Mogly bred this fall are in foal!

Mogly spent 17 days at Kervan and bred each of the three mares for one cycle only. We are so excited to find out that all three have settled. Congratulations to Marg, and to Mogly!

These first Mogly babies in North America are expected in September 2008, all of them out of Felix daughters.


Mogly – “The Most International Fjord Stallion”?

Posted by Lori - December 13, 2007

We received a kind greeting from Birgit Mortenson of the Danish Fjordhorse Society, who said of Mogly:

“I don’t know if you realize that Mogly’s pedigree is very international. You have shown his pedigree in 3 generations and the horses here are German, Norwegian and Dutch. But have you noticed that Toddy in the 3rd generation has number I 56. Yes of course you have, but do you know that the capital I in front of a Dutch number indicates that the fjord horse is imported to the Netherlands. As far as I know Toddy was born in Sweden in 1977 and licensed there as stallion number 111. His father Tyko was the first ‘homegrown’ breeding stallion in Sweden, born in 1957, and entered in the Swedish studbook as nr. 8. In the 6th generation and the generations behind you will also find Danish horses.

So based on the pedigree Mogly is one of the most international fjord stallions I know, and since he is only 9 years old you will probably enjoy him for many years to come.”


Season’s Greetings

Posted by Lori - December 20, 2007

11-42-20_edited.jpgWishing all of our and Mogly’s friends world-wide a very merry holiday season!

Here is Mogly enjoying his first Canadian winter.

Mogly wears a blanket so his coat does not grow so thick that he would sweat too much during training.



Happy Birthday Mogly!

Posted by Lori - April 3, 2008

Lori and Mogly

Happy Birthday to Mogly who turns 10 today, April 3 2008!

Mogly’s breeder in Germany, Josef Borsbach, sent a nice email greeting for Mogly’s birthday. He told me how special Mogly was – even as a foal. I wish I had a picture of Mogly when he was a foal 🙂

Here is a picture of us training in the arena.


Some Training Photos

Posted by Lori - May 8, 2008

Mogly has been here for six months now. We work every day on the basics. Mogly’s favorite thing is to show off his extended trot, so instead we work on responsiveness to the half-halt, to the leg, and the rhythm, suppleness and connection. Riding Mogly is such fun because his gaits are such good quality and give the rider a great feeling, and he is so smart and willing.






Some Summer Photos

Posted by Lori - August 1, 2008

I wanted to get some new photos of Mogly, since he’s been here nine months now. He has gained weight and muscle and looks wonderful. His coat gleams and I think he leads a very happy horse life. Mogly has a large box stall in our stable at night, is turned out in his own pasture each day, and gets ridden five days a week, generally first thing in the morning. His breeding duties are fulfilled in the afternoon or evening.

Click on any of these photos to enlarge them.

Here is Mogly enjoying his time in the pasture:

Mogly trottingMogly cantering

“Time to come in…”:

Time to come in, MoglyHalter on

Let’s see if we can pose for a photo, the shadows are long though,

Pose for a photo

Do you think I could look any happier with our boy?!?

Head shotGood boy


Mogly’s First North American Offspring Arrives!

Posted by Lori - September 12, 2008

It’s a girl!! We are pleased to announce Mogly’s first baby born in North America has arrived yesterday at Kervan Farm!

This pretty filly is out of Kervan Farm’s Brieanna (Felix X Bob & Joan’s Trille C-628 / Tamer Tuff). These pictures show the leggy little lady at one day old.




Baby number two is here. It’s a boy!

Posted by Lori - September 13, 2008

Mogly’s second North American offspring has arrived safely. A beautiful colt out of Kervan Farm’s Felicia (Felix X Nagia / Sebastian). Felicia was the overall halter champion at the Ontario Fjord Show in 2004, when she was only two years old, under judge Bob van Bon of the Netherlands. This is her first foal and he is a beauty! This is another very leggy foal sired by Mogly. Pictures taken at one day old.





Three Foals Safely on the Ground

Posted by Lori - September 19, 2008

Mogly’s third baby expected this year has arrived safely last night. This one is another colt. His dam is Kervan Farm’s Felannah (Felix X Nagia / Sebastian). Felannah is five years old and this is her first foal. He’s a little heavier built than the other two, with another adorable face!

This is the last foal for Mogly expected in 2008. All three foals are for sale and will be available after weaning. Contact Marg Kerr for more information.



Champagne for Everybody!

Posted by Lori - October 3, 2008

I’m excited because all of the mares that Mogly bred at our facility this year are pregnant! Altogether, we are expecting seven 2009 foals by Mogly. Three will be out of Dutch-imported mares, three out of Felix-daughters, and one (a limited edition) out of a daughter of Prisco! A real quality group.

Three of the upcoming foals will be born at Bluebird Lane.


Training in Wellington, Florida

Posted by Lori - February 18, 2009

dscn0024Mogly and I are training in Wellington Florida this winter! For a Canadian, the winter weather here is indescribably wonderful. It’s day after day of “another perfect day in paradise”. Although the locals are calling this a cool winter, I call it heavenly. I guess it is all what you are used to!

Wellington itself is totally geared to horses and really feels like a world apart. There are miles of trails for hacking, fantastic show facilities, and every type of equestrian sport being practiced here.

At the end of January I was able to take in the very first “World Dressage Masters” show, which had top riders from all over the world competing for big prize money. The opportunity to see the top European riders seldom comes to us North Americans so I very much enjoyed the chance to watch the best riders in the world school and compete their horses.



Hacking, hacking, and more hacking…

Posted by Lori - February 19, 2009

dscn0043Mogly and I are sure enjoying all the hacking here in Wellington! After our lesson, we ride out exploring for another hour or so. And on Mogly’s “day off” we will often go hacking for a couple of hours.


The canals provide habitat for local birds and wildlife and it is so fascinating to ride along and see all the unfamiliar (to me!) species. Alligators sometimes sun themselves at the edge of the canal, and then go “sploosh!” into the water when we ride up. Mogly takes this in stride.

We saw this big fellow at the Wakodahatchee Wetlands, not on one of our hacks along the canal (thank goodness!) I think it was as big as a horse.



Another beautiful day in Wellington

Posted by Lori - February 20, 2009

Stefan got some nice photos of us working with the palm trees in the background today. Someone pinch me! Am I actually riding in short sleeves… in February… under palm trees?!



Lesson Day

Posted by Lori - February 21, 2009

A lot of time in our lesson we use these communication headsets. These allow the rider to be able to hear clearly and saves the instructor’s voice in the ever-present wind. The wind is sure nice however to keep us cool under the hot sun (with apologies to those at home enduring the Canadian winter!) Here we are getting wired for sound.




Today’s Ride

Posted by Lori - February 24, 2009

Today was a very nice day for riding, at about 21 degrees Celsius (70 Fahrenheit) and a mix of sun and clouds. It is nice for everyone when it is not too hot and humid, the horses are nice and fresh on the cooler days.

You can click on any of the photos for a larger version.



Training in Wellington

Posted by Lori - February 26, 2009

I’m thrilled with how beautiful Mogly’s coat is looking here in Wellington. He has lost the dull winter look and is sporting a shiny summer sleekness even though it is still February! The opportunity to go without blankets, eat grass, stand in the sun and roll in the sand does wonders for the body at this time of year.

The place where we train is very flat and open with lots of distractions. There are always horses going by, polo being played in the field across the canal, as well as people riding, biking, jogging and dog walking by. This provides great “environment training” opportunities to practice keeping the mind on the job.




Is awesomer a word?

Posted by Lori - February 27, 2009

I’m sure enjoying my rides, I feel every day is getting better. The opportunity to be here in winter and to be able to really really work on our training, well, awesome just doesn’t do it justice.




A new son for Mogly is born at Bluebird Lane!

Posted by Lori - May 3, 2009

nextday06A big welcome to Bluebird Lane Fjelljo, a colt, born on May 2nd at 11:25pm!

He is the first foal of Bluebird Lane Kestrel (Felix X Roza/Fjelljon), the first Mogly-foal born at Bluebird Lane, AND our first grand-foal born on the farm.

Check out Fjelljo’s page for lots more pictures.


Congratulations to coach Tina Irwin!

Posted by Lori - May 26, 2009

Blainville CDI-W International Dressage ClassicCongratulations to Tina Irwin, who was named Dressage Canada’s “Athlete of the Month” for April! This award is sponsored by Red Scarf.

Read more on the Equine Canada website.


Another Mogly Colt at Bluebird Lane!

Posted by Lori - May 31, 2009

09-32-44Bluebird Lane Tyvjo, a son of Mogly, was born on May 30, 2009 at 5:25 am. His dam is Bocina (Prisco X Brita II). The dam’s sire Prisco was shown successfully up to Third Level Dressage.

Tyvjo is a very leggy colt with a beautiful dished face and tiny muzzle.

See lots more photos on Tyvjo’s Page.


Mogly has a visitor

Posted by Lori - June 14, 2009

14-14-541Today Mogly entertained a five year old visiting friend of the family.

Our usual “pony-ride” horse, Bocina, is on maternity leave with her new colt, so Mogly stepped in and took on the role.

This tiny rider giggled the whole time on his back, especially laughing with glee at his big walk.

She declared Mogly is her favorite horse “because he is so special”. Smart kid! 🙂


A Canada Day Son for Mogly

Posted by Lori - July 20, 2009

Split MagnumA big welcome to Mogly’s newest son, born on Canada Day, July 1 2009.

“Split Magnum” is owned by Longtheway Farm and is out of Susan Cargill’s Dutch-imported mare Tamarinde (Bjorgard X Jasmijn by Brusvein).

Congratulations on a healthy and very handsome colt! Mother and baby are doing well.



It’s a Filly!

Posted by Lori - July 23, 2009

Lexi\'s FillyMogly’s latest offspring was born the morning of July 22nd, 2009. A beautiful filly out of the Felix daughter Kervan Farm’s Elexus. This is the first Mogly-daughter born in 2009, as thus far this has been a colt year.

Her owner Marg Kerr reports “I am really pleased with her – nice long neck, pretty head, long legs and beautiful suspension in her movement.”

Congratulations Marg and way to go Mogly!